Region Recovers From Flood

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Many Mid-Ohio Valley residents are having an easier time recovering from the flood than they expected.

With minor to moderate flooding around the region, cleaning up mud is the only thing most people have to worry about.

"Just getting the mud back to the river, just hosing everything back so it goes down when the river goes down," said Steve Peters, Manager at Boathouse BBQ in Marietta.

The restaurant, which sits right on the river, was ready for the flood in advance and hauled its furniture and equipment off in a trailer Friday.

Advance warning, and a river crest lower than anticipated, helped the Boathouse and much of the area avoid tragedy, according to emergency management officials.

"I think it helped a lot that it came two feet under the other because they were looking at the higher number and it gave them a buffer zone," said Jeff Lauer, Washington County Emergency Director.

Still, they'll be cleaning around the clock for the next few days, fully staffed and then some.

"We've had a lot of friends, regular patrons, just come in and help and get us back open."

Across the river, most Happy Valley residents are flying solo when it comes to the clean up.

Don Maloney is one of them, but, he said his cleaning duties are minimal.

"If you build your house like everybody does around here, up in the air, then it never gets in your home, it only gets in your garage," explained Maloney. "So, it's usually just clean up, getting ready for it and getting readjusted after the flood."

And for Maloney, it all comes with the territory.

"If you wanna live on the river you better get ready for floods."

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