UPDATE: Ravenswood Native Josh Miller's Documentary "Made In The USA" Set For Amazon Release

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UPDATE 9/23/2014 4:40 PM

A Ravenswood man spends thirty days traveling cross country, all to discover what products are actually made here in America.

His documentary is going to be available on iTunes.

After his father-in-law lost his job at Century Aluminum in 2009 Josh Miller wanted to find out all he could about industries across the U.S. and to see where these jobs are going.

From there the film "Made in the USA: The Thirty Day Journey" was born.

Shot back in 2012, Miller spoke to people about purchasing American made goods and what effect it has on jobs.

Miller says buying American is what leads to jobs in America.

"You don't have to do it 100%. Just try to make a conscious effort to make that change and buy things that you like that are made here in America. You will see a drastic shift if more people would get together and do that," he says.

Beginning September 30th the film will be available on iTunes.

He had a dream to show people what 'Made in the USA' really means.

Josh Miller is the creator and producer of the film, Made in the USA, The 30 Day Journey.

Miller's father-in-law lost his job at the Century Aluminum plant in Ravenswood when it closed down in 2009.

This started Miller's dream of creating awareness around the nation about buying American made products.

He got together a team of people to make a movie, they followed him across the United States for 30 days, visiting business's from Charleston, to LA, to Miami.

Miller says he wants to bring people back together to support American products and jobs.

"The jobs that are being lost around our county at a massive rate, ya know, those folks really needed a voice, ya know I thought that creating this film and raising awareness about Made in America products would be the best way to make that happen," said Josh Miller, Creator and Producer of Made in the USA.

Tonight, at the Alpine Theater in Ripley, the movie premieres at 7 PM.

Miller says the tickets are free however there aren't too many left because they were almost all claimed in less than two days.

Miller's says his plan is to travel the county showing the film, his next stop being Dayton, OH on July 11th.

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