Magical Monday at Grand Central Mall

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Less than two days until Christmas and the last minute shoppers are out in full force and at Grand Central Mall the stores were packed with those still searching for that perfect gift but there was also something extra special going on at the mall.

"It was Magical Monday here at Grand Central Mall. We had the pleasure of surprising sixteen unsuspecting shoppers with gift cards", says Katrina Stephens, Marketing Director at Grand Central Mall.

Gift cards ranging from one hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars totaling two thousand dollars.

Every reaction included total shock and pure gratitude.

As the crew at the mall went around spreading the holiday cheer, there were a few who were a little more on the skeptical side.

"It sometimes is really hard to convince them that I am just giving them free money and I really do just want them to have a better, brighter Christmas".

While some recipients said they're going to use their cards to buy gifts, others are going to use that extra money on themselves.

"I might spend it on us girls today", said one shopper.

This is the sixth year that the mall has held their "Magical Monday" gift card giveaway and hopes they can continue to do it for years to come.

"Honestly it's one of my absolute favorite things I get to do every single year", says Stephens.

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