Maintaining An Exercise Routine During The Holidays

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Gym's around the valley are seeing an increase in people looking to trim away the Thanksgiving pounds.

Family Fitness in Parkersburg is busy with people trying to get back into shape.

Employees say they've seen a steady crowd of people using the equipment on a daily basis, but experts say it's important to not just push the workout because you've eaten a lot lately. They say to always stick to an exercise routine.

"The meals and the calories are going to be accumulating here during the Christmas season and the Thanksgiving meals that we've already eaten. It's definitely a good time to start exercising. Anytime is a good time to start exercising," says Family Fitness Exercise Physiologist, Patrick Perine. "Your activity levels are going to be down. You'll be spending more time with family and the foods that you eat aren't going to be as good for you to eat. You need to make sure you maintain your exercise to counterbalance the increase in calories and decrease in physical activity."

Even though the machines and weight rooms are full of people looking to get in shape, this still isn't the busiest time of the year for the fitness center.

"After New Years is usually the busiest time. People are starting their New Years Resolutions. People do start around this time anyways because of the weathers getting bad, the daylights ending a lot sooner so you have to do your activity inside so it's a good option to do it here at the fitness center," Perine adds.

The Family Fitness Center is part of Camden Clark Medical Center. They offer specialized nutrition plans and personal training. For more information, click on the hot button.

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