Major Bath Salts Bust In Parkersburg

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A major bath salts dealer is busted right here in Parkersbug. Police move in on a distribution ring arresting many over the past couple of weeks. They say this case is related to the arrest of Alan Philpot from back in March.

"My client was wanting to go to the mall this morning. We're were getting ready to walk out the door and we saw the swat team coming in here so I was just like go back in your room, shut the door, lock it. I locked all the doors," says Brooke who works at a home on Camden Avenue.

Swat Teams storm a house in the 1200 block of Camden Avenue, Tuesday morning. Inside, bath salts, other drugs, and cash belonging to Brian Riel and Kaitlin Pryor.

"There's a lot of money being made from the bath salts distribution in this area. As everyone probably knows, it's the scariest drug we face as law enforcement to this time and it's a terrible problem in these communities. It's dangerous for everybody," says Parkersburg Police Department Sgt. Greg Collins.

"We believe they're being shipped in, but we are trying to figure out where they're coming from and where they're going to."

Police say getting Riel off the streets puts a major dent in bath salts distribution in our area, but what led them to Riel's house, police say, is another crime.

West Virginia State Police Trooper C.S. Jackson says, "we had subjects smuggling in drugs to the courthouse that was going to be transported inside the regional jail. That's what this search warrant was based out of." (see press release below for more)

Neighbors say they're not surprised something was going on at this house.

"We've noticed there's people in and out of here all night. People would bring duffel bags through here all night."

But police aren't done, they're still working to put the rest of the drug ring behind bars.

"We are aggressively targeting these people. We're trying to get them put in jail for anything we can to try to curb this distribution we're seeing here. There's a lot of people involved in it," Sgt. Collins adds.

Riel is charged with felony possession with intent to deliver drugs.He didn't post his 100 thousand dollar bond.

Pryor is charged with possession of drugs. Her bond was set at 10 thousand dollars which she didn't post.

Press Release from The Parkersburg Police Department:

This morning around 9:00 a.m., the Parkersburg Police
Department and Wood County Sheriff’s Office S.W.A.T.
teams, supported by the Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force and
West Virginia State Police, executed a Search Warrant at
1213 Camden Avenue. The Search Warrant was obtained by
Trooper First Class C.S. Jackson.

Brian Keith Riel and Kaitlin N. Pryor were found inside the
home subsequently arrested following the alleged discovery
of an amount of suspected bath salts, suspected marijuana,
various pills and cash.

Officers also arrested Riel on five (5) outstanding felony
warrants issued for him by the Doddridge County Sheriff’s
Office, all for possession with intent to deliver controlled
substances. Criminal Complaints filed by Deputy Tammy
Satterfield allege that on or about 4-29-13, Riel entered
the bathroom at the Doddridge County Courthouse leaving a
baggie of contraband intended to be picked up by another
inmate during court proceedings, and smuggled into the North
Central Regional Jail. The baggie allegedly contained two
(2) white pills, two (2) blue pills, a yellow oblong pill,
suspected marijuana, suspected heroin, a lighter and
tobacco. Following an extensive investigation into the
matter which included video surveillance footage, five (5)
felony warrants were issued for Riel.

Riel was processed by Parkersburg police officers and
arraigned in Wood County Magistrate Court. On the five (5)
felony warrants out of Doddridge County, he was issued a
$25,000.00 cash only bond which he did not post. Riel was
charged with felony possession with intent to deliver from
today’s Search Warrant, and given a $100,000.00 bond which
he did not post.

Pryor, who was out of jail on a felony bond for an arrest on
April 30th by Parkersburg police detectives, was charged
today with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance
and issued a $10,000.00 cash only bond which she did not
post. A hearing is scheduled for this Thursday in Wood
County Magistrate Court for the potential revocation of her
previous bond.

Both Riel and Pryor are scheduled to be transported to the
North Central Regional Jail later today.

Today’s raid is a continuation of the investigation into
the receipt, distribution and abuse of bath salts in Wood
County, conducted jointly by investigators with the
Parkersburg Police Department, Wood County Sheriff’s
Office, Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force, West Virginia
State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Numerous surveillance operations over the past two (2)
months by the above listed agencies have also been supported
by police canine units from the Parkersburg Police
Department, Wood County Sheriff’s Office and West Virginia
State Police.

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