Major Crimes Task Force Finds Drugs Hidden in Ajax Can, Arrests Four

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Four people are taken to the Washington Co. Jail, busted, say police, transporting a lot of drugs.

Here's how the Washington Co. Sheriff's Office says it happened.

The Major Crimes Task Force got word that drugs were possibly inside the car being driven by 23-year-old Shawn Williams.

Williams and 23-year-old Raphael Pollard from Columbus were on their way to Marietta when they were pulled over for a traffic violation. Williams was then given a ticket for driving with a suspended license.

Also in the car, 28-year-old Brittany Martin and 19-year-old Jessica Biehl from Marietta.

A Police dog indicated there were drugs in the car and Martin said she had been smoking marijuana. She was arrested earlier this year on drug charges.

Police searched the trunk and found 27-grams of heroin, five grams of crack cocaine, four MDMA (ecstasy) pills, and a small amount of pot all hidden in a can of Ajax.

"If you just picked-up the bottle of Ajax and you opened it up and sprinkled it, Ajax would come out. But the key is at the bottom, that you twist it and it comes apart and then up inside there is a secret compartment," said Sheriff Larry Mincks.

Investigators also found a loaded handgun in the trunk.

The group is scheduled to make their first court appearance Monday morning.

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