Major Bath Salts Bust In Washington County

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Authorities with the Major Crimes Task Force say on November 2nd inspectors at the Postal Service contacted the task force and said they intercepted packages containing illegal bath salts.

Through a federal warrant, postal officials opened the packages, which contained 25 packets of bath salts. All of the packets tested positive for MDPV- a schedule one controlled substance.

Friday morning 34-year-old Todd Grether, of New Matamoras, was notified that his packages were ready for cash on delivery pickup. Grether paid $245 for one of the two packages and as he left the post office task force agents took him into custody.

Grether was charged with a third degree felony offense of possession of drugs and taken to the Washington County Jail.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says the shipments were sizable and could have been sold on the streets for a very large profit.

"Two boxes were delivered and they contained about $300 a box wholesale," Sheriff Mincks explains. "And if you take that into consideration, that a half of a gram goes for about $80, so if you have an entire pound of this stuff the total retail value is about $72,000."

Grether will remain in jail without bond until he faces a judge on Nov. 7th.

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