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UPDATED: 3/27/2013

Rumpke will be Barlow Township's new trash hauler.

Services are expected to start April 1st.

"Residents received a brochure from Rumpke with service details, including the specified day of collection. If a residence did not receive the brochure, they should contact Rumpke by calling toll free 1-800-828-8171 or emailing centralohio.market@rumpke.com."

People in the Barlow Township can choose from a variety of service levels, with rates ranging from $12.20 to $14.95 per month.
(see previous story below for specifics)

Trash should be set out for collection the night before, or by 6 a.m. on the pickup day.

All trash should be placed in a sturdy container or plastic bag, weighing less than 75 pounds.

Rumpke also installed several drop-off containers for recycling at Barlow Township Hall on Warrior Drive. Residents can now recycle:
• Plastic bottles and jugs
• Glass bottles and jars
• Paper and cardboard
• Aluminum and steel cans
• Cartons and aseptic containers


Barlow Trustees announce Rumpke will be Barlow Township's new trash hauler.

Services are expected to start April 1st.

New additions to come with Rumpke- recycling bins at the Township Trustee's office.

This is a three-year contract that all Barlow residents and businesses will be using Rumpke services, prices are set to stay the same for those three years.

For households per month:
(1) 35 gallon bag/can - $12.20

(2 to 3) - 35 gallon bags/cans - $12.45

Unlimited - $12.95

Seniors (65 and older) - $11.95

Extra bags - $3

Bulky items - $15

96 Gallon w/ rental - $14.95
w/ out - $12.95

Billed quarterly.
Rumpke does plan on sending out all details to each Barlow resident.

Elizabeth Silvus is one of many people in Barlow Township who expressed their concerns about a major change being made on how the garbage will be collected.

Township President, Darren Roddy and other trustees made a contract which will allow one waste hauler to pick up the trash.

And Rumpke could become the new face in Barlow Township.

"I've talked to hundreds of people. I'm not going to force something down that i think the majority don't want," says Roddy.

But people aren't too thrilled about the change.

"The first contract had so many mistakes in it and that's my biggest problem. I mean, we had two 21's that meant completely separate things," added Silvus.

"I can't understand why they can't hear how upset people are and just tear up the resolution and go to the house and forget about it," replied John Parsons.

People would like to see other waste haulers stay in town.

"I feel that we should have freedom of choice no matter what. this is America, it's a free country and we can choose. and we know how to do this, we're not stupid," said Joy Baumbard.

"I like my trash hauler, i believe i should have the right to pick that. i mean when you take competition out of an area, then in three years, they're going to re-bid this contract," says Silvus.

Currently, people can either pick their own waste hauler or not choose one at all.

Roddy said everyone doesn't have to sign the contract with Rumpke.

There are other ways they can get rid of their trash.

"There's a lot of people that recycle that don't have trash service now, there's a lot of people that dispose their trash on our property, there's a lot of people that burn," added Roddy.

Silvus says the change will affect the entire community.

Like anyone in Barlow Township, she wants the trustees to take a longer look at what they're doing.

"You heard the businessman say that he's gonna have to have a pick up fee for his dumpster so essentially, all these businesses that are in contracts are going to have to buy their way out, so how is that going to save anybody money?"

Roddy says he will sign the contract on Monday if Rumpke's legal department approves it.

If the contract is signed, Rumpke will begin their services on April 1st.

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