Making Dinner the Safe Way

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When families get together that means lots of food and a busy kitchen.

So don't burn that turkey.

Even if it's your first time cooking this year, the experts remind us to keep an eye on the oven.

Marietta Firefighters say kitchen safety and cooking is a main concern of theirs this time of year.

You don't want to burn that turkey, or your house, so experts say just be aware of what's happening while cooking and that home cooked Thanksgiving meal should turn out great.

Lt. Mike Dietsch says keep an eye on it and make sure it is completely defrosted before you go to cook it.

Do not leave it unattended.

If you are new to the deep frying world, do a test run.

Have a dry chemical extinguisher handy and do not use water to put it out because it will spread.

Also beware of children around the cooking.

"Out of the kitchen while you are cooking, that way they don't get curious and walk over and grab a pan and pull it off or get near the stove, oven when you open the door," says Lt. Dietsch.

He says one distraction is to have the children coloring over at the table.

Lt. Dietsch says believe it or not, overall in Marietta they will get a cooking call here and there but the holidays aren't always that bad.

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