Making Sure There's No Tricks, Just All Treats

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There are currently 137 sex offenders in Washington County.
But the Washington County Sheriff's office says they've never once had an incident involving a sex offender and a trick or treater and it's about keeping that same record, through education and good parenting

The one night when zombies, princess and superheroes all take to the streets, it's a child's favorite night and should be a parent's big concern.

"Trick of Treat isn't only a perfect time for a sex offender to strike," explains Sheriff's Office's Sgt. Patrice Tornes, "but anyone else whose thinking of committing any crime. What better time to not be recognized for yourself than on trick-or-treat."

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says it's not about scaring anyone from going door to door for candy but it is about getting parents to take the proper precautions and be aware.

"You know you think it's just going to be the smaller children but really our biggest age group of people that are offended are between 13 and 17 year old age groups so it's not just the smaller kids that need to be aware," explains Tornes.

Deputies say the best way to stay safe- host a party, but if you do choose to go trick-or-treating.. there's some homework that can be done.

All sex offenders and their addresses are listed for anyone to see. "There is no specific demographic for a sex offender," continues Tornes. "They can be anywhere and they are everywhere and they look just like you and I, there is nothing to distinguish them apart from anyone else."

Deputies say it's also important for trick-or-treaters to dress appropriately. The rest is common sense, talking with the little fairies and ghosts how they can stay safe themselves.

"You know see if can't get them into another group of children and at least have one adult in attendance," says Tornes, "even if they stand back, follow them in a car and of course the kids don't take kindly to it and realize it's in their best interest."

To find sex offenders in the Washington County area:
Washington County Sheriff's Office
Attorney General

Wood County :

You can also call the Washington Co. Sheriff's Office at: 740-376-7070 #19 for any information as well.

Also authorities ask anyone who might feel threatened or know of sex offenders acting out of line or who have moved, to give the Sheriff's office an anonymous call. 740-376-7070

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