Making The Right Choices

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Showing awareness of safe driving.

That's what one speaker at Marietta Memorial Hospital discussed.

It's all part of the hospital's Community Driver Safety Day Saturday afternoon.

Eric Morganstern spoke to both kids and adults about making the right choices while driving and the consequences that come along with it.

Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, Rick Headley, is teaming up with several local agencies to organize events focusing on how to make adults safe drivers.

It's a good way to bring the community together and listen to those who made the wrong decisions and the experiences they had to go through.

"I've learned that you know, what you do doesn't affect you, it affects everyone around you, your community, your family and you know, just everyone around you. It's just not a you thing you know, it's just not your life, it's other people around you also," says Morganstern.

April is declared as the National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

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