Making Their Way Out Of The House

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One Parkersburg couple were barricaded in their own home Thursday morning by a tree.

It happened at John Caltrider and Cathy Headley's home on 4416 Jefferson Street.

Wind was blowing at 30 miles per hour.

Headley had just moved away from the window when the tree in their front yard landing on their house and blocking the entrance of their front porch.

For two hours, Caltrider used his mother's chainsaw to cut the tree and make a path out.

"I couldn't really see anything because of the limbs and all. I couldn't assess what happened til I start cutting it away so I can get to my door but it wasn't as bad than I feared it would be," says Caltrider.

The damages on Caltrider's house is undetermined at this time.

But he hopes that his insurance will help cover the cost of the property damage.

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