Making Your White Christmas A Little Greener

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The season of giving is here but before you throw away torn up wrapping paper, remember that you can recycle it.

"When you throw your gift paper away all you're really doing is taking up space in a landfill," says James Duley, Foreman at the Parkersburg Waste and Recycling Center. "But, when the paper comes to a recycling plant, it can be bailed, as we do. We process it and put it into bail form and ship it off to make new paper out of it which is good for the environment."

Don't forget to look through your wrapping paper and make sure a few items are removed before sending it to the recycling center.

"They need to make sure that it's free of bows. They need to make sure that it is free of ribbons. And also the cardboard, make sure that its free of the plastic," Duley says.

He adds, even a small amount of recycling can go a long way.

"Even though Christmas paper may not weigh very much, you can just imagine when you go into the store, you just see tons of it on the shelves," Duley says.

It's not just paper you can recycle. Wondering what to do with the old gadgets you new tablet will replace?

"On January 14th, Dupont Washington Works will be putting on an electronics drive only at the city recycling center."

All this can make for a greener white Christmas.

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