Man Arrested For Fleeing While High

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A police chase ends with a man behind bars, arrested for fleeing and DUI. Now, DUI arrests are up to 27 in Parkersburg in just a little over a month.

Jason Drain was driving the car that police say had improper registration. Police tried to pull him over early Wednesday morning near 16th and Covert Streets.

They say he didn't stop and kept going eventually losing control of the car, hitting a fence, backing into a police cruiser and crashing into a building.

Drain fled on foot before being caught by police and tasered.

"When someone's taking that much action to try to get away from you, you have to wonder what's motivating them to run from you. This was handled very well. They were able to take him into custody without hurting him or anyone else on the road," Parkersburg Police Department Sgt. Greg Collins says.

Sgt. Collins adds that the number of DUI's has drastically increased and police hope this knowledge will make people think before drinking, or in this case, smoking marijuana and driving.

"This time of the year our numbers are always elevated on DUI. There's a lot of people on the road. We have a lot of people that visit our area to shop, they visit family. We've got a lot of families on the road and that is in part what our concern is with our elevated DUI numbers as of late. We want to try to be ahead of this and get these people arrested."

Drain has a warrant in North Carolina for violating his probation on drug charges. Police believe this may be why he fled from officers.

He was found with marijuana on him and he admitted to police he was smoking it.

Drain is charged with felony fleeing while DUI and released on a five thousand dollar bond. He could spend three to five years in jail.

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