Police Arrest A Man They Say Punched A Prevention Resource Officer At PHS

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Authorities say at about 11:00 Tuesday morning, Michael J. Martin tried to sign out a student that he had no custodial rights to.

They say he became belligerent and so the school's prevention resource officer asked him to leave.

Martin wouldn't listen, so the officer physically removed him. Officials say Martin resisted and when the officer tried to arrest him, Martin started hitting him with his elbows.

"Basically our role in it wasn't to determine necessarily whether the child should be released to him. Our role in this was to support PHS staff who didn't want to let a child go with someone that they believed didn't have the right or permission to take. And it turned into an altercation between the officer and this man," says Sergeant Greg Collins with the Parkersburg Police Department.

He faces charges of disturbance of schools, obstructing, disorderly conduct and battery of a police officer.

He was arrraigned and posted his $2,600 bond.

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