UPDATE: Police Investigating Burglary Suspect

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UPDATE 3/24/2014 4:45 PM

A Parkersburg burglary suspect is a free man after posting bond Monday morning.

Parkersburg Police arrested him following a rash of recent local burglaries.

Police say they have a busy week ahead of them, following up after making a big arrest Sunday.

Chief Joe Martin says Craig Ryan Clark was released on $25,000 bond Monday morning.

He was arraigned Sunday night.

The 28-year-old is accused of stealing some jewelry from a house on Fairview Avenue that morning.

Police say they caught Clark in the act and when he saw them he hopped a backyard fence, into the Seventh Street Kroger parking lot and went into the store.

The chase led police through Kroger and ultimately to City Park, where Clark was arrested near the tennis courts.

Police say the arrest is the beginning of closing the remaining local burglary cases.

"We're very aggressive with this investigation and hopeful that we can tie these ends up and relate the prior burglary case to some of this information that we received yesterday," says Chief Martin.

Clark's break-in was the 21st such burglary of the past six weeks.

Chief Martin says police are analyzing fingerprints in relation to the other 20 cases.

He expects more arrests in the coming weeks.

As for Clark, he should return to court in the next 20 days for a probable cause hearing.

His case would then go to the Wood County grand jury.

Parkersburg Police say they caught 28-year-old Craig Clark in the middle of a burglary.

They say Clark then lead them on a chase and now he's facing up to 15 years in jail.

It started around 11 Sunday morning on Fairview Avenue.

Responding to a burglary call, officers say they found Clark in the backyard of a home.

But Clark took off, leading police inside Kroger on Seventh Street.

"Once he got in the store he eluded them, went to the bathroom, removed his coat, tried to hide some evidence that he had taken out of that home and went out another door," says Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin. "He somehow got out of the store without being seen by the employees or the officers."

Chief Martin says Clark ran toward City Park.

That's where officers finally caught up with him and placed him under arrest.

Clark then admitted that he targeted the Fairview Avenue home, knocked on the door and went in when no one answered.

Police say he stole some jewelry.

Those items have since been returned to the owner.

Police say they have a lot of following up to do in terms of closing remaining investigations surrounding other homes in that neighborhood that were broken into recently.

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