Man Attempts to Keep Loaner Truck

Police say wrote a check for over $41,000, knowing that check would never clear.

Parkersburg Police say Darrell Wayne Stephens agreed to purchase a 2013 Ford Explorer from Astorg motors in Parkersburg.

They say he wrote a check for over 41 thousand dollars and asked them to hold the vehicle until the money cleared. He then requested a loaner vehicle until he could pick up the Explorer, on good faith they gave him a 2012 Ford F-150 Truck valued at just over $40,000.

Stephens failed to return the truck and texted his girlfriend that he was never bringing it back and to tell the salesman "good luck in finding the truck"..

Astorg contacted the bank to find there was no money in the account..
Parkersburg police extradited Stephens back to West Virginia today, since he was being held in Ohio on a parole violation.