Man Biking for Make-A-Wish Stops in Parkersburg

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A Seattle fireman biking his way across the country makes a stop in Parkersburg and for a great cause.

Chris Rupp is raising money for children with cancer.

Sunday, his efforts granted a local sixth grader her special wish: a shopping spree in style.

Tiffany Andrew took a limousine to her favorite retailers.

Seeing her happiness is the most rewarding part of Rupp's journey.

"There was a girl in my hometown who went through the wish granting process. And it was incredible to see what Make-A-Wish was able to provide the family, as she was getting ready to pass on. Her illness was terminal, and it was just really cool to see the hope and the joy, and what Make-A-Wish... they allow them to enjoy the remaining days that she had," says Rupp.

Rupp was in Cleveland before biking to the Mid-Ohio Valley.

His final destination is Miami.

That's over a thousand more miles with hundreds of more children waiting for help.

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