Man Burned in Meth Lab Fire

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A Wood County man receives medical treatment after he was severely burned in a meth lab fire, according to police.

It happened at a house on Walnut Street near Sunrise Baptist Church around 5:00 Sunday night.

Police say the fire started inside the home but then carried into the back yard when 37-year-old Mark Edward Lee threw a garbage can out a window.

That garbage can was being used to make the meth, police say.

"They found an actual working meth lab at the front of the house," says Trooper A.D. Wootton with the West Virginia State Police. "The cook was actually taking place inside the house, something went wrong, the individual that was doing the cook opened a window and threw the items outside, which caused the subsequent fire."

Lee was taken to Camden Clark Medical Center with second degree burns to his arms, mid-section and face.

He's expected to be criminally charged once released.

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