Man Files Lawsuit Against Parkersburg Police Officers

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A man files a lawsuit against two Parkersburg Police Officers and the City of Parkersburg itself, claiming the officers used excessive force against him.

Patrolmen B.J. Depue and R.T. Davis responded in May 2012 to a domestic dispute on 36th Street involving Albert Richards.

A woman accused Richards of trying to hit her with a glass during an argument.

The two officers discovered Richards had two outstanding warrants for battery and destruction of property.

Police say as they tried arresting him, he turned violent.

One officer says he was punched in the face and the other says he cut his arm after being thrown into a door frame.

Richards was arrested and charged with two counts of battery of a police officer, domestic assault and obstructing.

Richards filed a lawsuit last month, claiming, among other things, the officers threw him to the ground and beat him.

He claims in the lawsuit to be suffering from "permanent and severe physical and emotional harm" as a result of the incident.

Richards' attorney, Bill Merriman is not commenting at this time.

But Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin calls the claims untrue.

"We'll fight this one. I mean, this is a...I think it's just a ploy to try to bribe money from our insurance company at the cost of the taxypayers' expense," says Chief Martin.

Chief Martin says the department plans to get an attorney soon.

He adds neither of the officers named in the suit have had disciplinary issues in the past.

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