Man Traveling Country on Horseback

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Going from sea to shining sea on horseback, spreading a message of unity.

Sam Hopkins-Hubbard left his home in northeast Oregon back on April 5.

Monday we caught up with him off Staunton Avenue in Parkersburg.

He's riding to the Atlantic Ocean on horseback, calling it the "One Nation Ride".

He says the response from people along with way has been positive, with many even opening up their homes to him.

He says his message to Americans is simple, but powerful.

"Drop the labels. I don't care what party you are, what your religion is, what your race is. As Americans we're brothers and sisters and we have a lot to fix in this country and I'm trying to remind the citizens who we are and we're best when we're united and when we stand together. When we're divided and fighting we're weak but if we're standing together, this country can fix any of our problems," says Hopkins-Hubbard.

Hopkins-Hubbard says his journey will probably end in Virginia in 40 days.

He plans to write a book about the trip.

Back home he's a small business owner, firefighter and city councilman.

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