UPDATE: Police Warn About Dangers of Huffing Canned Air

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UPDATE 4/18/2014 4:55 PM

One man was hospitalized Friday morning in Marietta after an overdose of huffing canned air.

In response, police are warning people about the dangers of this activity.

Marietta Police say huffing air from containers like air dusters for computer keyboards can give people a high.

But at the same time, it can have serious health consequences.

That's because huffing stops oxygen from flowing throughout your body, which can cause damage to your organs.

"The sudden sniffing death syndrome, one time of huffing can kill you, it's that simple," says Marietta Police Capt. Jeff Waite. "Parents should really watch, check their children's rooms an inordinate amount of cans, canned air, empties."

To fight huffing amongst young people Captain Waite says many stores only allow 18-and-over customers to buy any type of air dust cleaner.

Marietta Police say a man suffers serious injuries after a huffing overdose.

Thursday police say they were called to Theis Avenue in Marietta for a 23 year old who they say overdosed on canned air.

Police say the man is in the hospital "suffering severe issues."

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