Man Thanks VFD For Saving His Life Three Years Ago

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It's a modern day resurrection.

Russ Anderson was on his tractor January 31st, 2009, and that's the last thing he remembers before waking up in a hospital nine days later.

Russ suffered a massive heart attack. When first responders arrived he didn't have a pulse.

Washington Bottom EMT Greg Stephens was first on the scene and started CPR.

An emergency defibrillator shocked Russ five times before he made it to Camden Clark. His wife, a long time paramedic, thought he was dead.

But the quick actions of those firefighters brought Russ back to life.
After nine days in a coma he awoke to his wife by his bedside.

"I opened one eye and looked over at my wife was standing there with my cardiologist and I just looked over with one eye and said 'I love you.' Almost gave her a stroke," says Anderson.

Russ continues to thank those who saved him that night three years ago. Washington Bottom Fire Chief K.C. Linder says he stops by the station to see them often.

Stephens says in all his years as an EMT he has only seen this type of thing twice.

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