Manchin: No Presidential Endorsement

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Democratic Senator Joe Manchin says he's opposed to President Obama's policies on energy and the environment, saying the EPA has targeted West Virginia coal more than coal production in any other state.

At the same time, Manchin opposes the economic policies of Republican Mitt Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan...particularly when it comes to Social Security.

And he's not endorsing anyone for president.

"If you're making your choice based on who I openly endorse or who I'd vote for, or based on what I've done as governor or what I have fought for as a United States Senator, then I'd be the wrong choice," Manchin told WTAP Tuesday.

Manchin, along with most of the candidates for statewide office, has been tied to President Obama's policies by their Republican rivals.

He spoke to Democratic supporters today at Colombo's Restaurant.

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