Mansion By Candlelight Event Receives Recognition

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It's one of Southeast Tourism Society's top 20 October events.

Blennerhassett Island Historical Park's "Mansion By Candlelight" takes the award.

The society's top 20 events are considered the best of the best.

Park Superintendent Matt Baker says "Mansion By Candlelight" recreates an 1805 party hosted by Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett, using only candles to provide light.

"We also have different performers throughout the island playing music and when you go tour through the house there's people reading poetry and playing music and dancing, so it gives you the whole submersion feel of being at a party at the Blennerhassett's," he says.

Baker says it's a great honor to have "Mansion By Candlelight" recognized this way.

It's a special event that can only be found here and attracts people from near and far.

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