March Mom of the Month

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A spring honor for one deserving mother.

Janet Antill of Marietta is named WTAP's Mom of the Month for March.

Antill says the greatest joy in being a mom is to see her kids grow and become the men and women they are today.

Daughter Allyson Goodwin nominated her mom because she says she's been there through everything and she wanted to show her gratitude, but "thank you" didn't seem like enough.

"Five in a household, two boys, three girls - one bathroom, that was a challenge," Antill says. "And just seeing them through school and getting their careers; it's just been great."

She was completely shocked by the surprise and wondered why all her kids were taking off work to be in town, but she's definitely glad and it made her day.

Antill received a bouquet from Crown Florals.

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