Mardi Gras at WASCO

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"I like everything around me, like people I know and everywhere I like to go," says Joleen Johnson. "I had a great night."

Fun, festivities and a whole lotta vibrant color filled the halls of WASCO at their second annual Mardi Gras in Marietta.

"We just want to integrate our folks with the community and I think we've done so quite successfully today," says business development manager Nancy Harris.

James Scott is happy to run into familiar faces, making his Mardi Gras experience that much better.

"I like seeing people we recognize, we know... from 'round workshop and classes," he says.

Mayor Joe Matthews wore his top hat proudly as Master of Ceremonies.

"It's been a great day here, everybody enjoyed it; we had a great crowd and I'm just happy to be part of it," Matthews says. "(I'm) looking forward to next year, hopefully they invite me back."

The staff tries to enhance the lives of everyone they serve.

"It is so awesome watching the faces of everyone... the consumers, their level of activity, it just stimulates them and it's just great," Harris says.

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