Marietta 9-12 Project Meeting

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Members of the Marietta 9-12 Project gathered Monday evening to continue their "tea party movement" when it comes to matters including common core.

The meeting, held at Freedom Gate Church in Marietta, featured guest speaker Seth Morgan, of Huber Heights.

One of the topics of discussion was public policy, which Morgan says is his biggest concern and is what it takes for Americans to make change.

"I think is really a message that strikes to the core of what I think most Americans believe. It unifies us even beyond political party bounds," he says. "We may disagree on policy but if your rights can be trampled to the benefit of me then eventually mine can be trampled to the benefit of you."

Afterwards, Morgan took questions and comments from those in attendance.

Marietta 9-12 meets the second and fourth Monday of every month.

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