Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner

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Over 800 people gathered for the 99th annual Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce meeting Monday night, making it the largest one yet.

From small local businesses to large corporations, it was a time for networking and community.

Gathering at the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center on the Marietta College campus, the annual meeting brought in many local dignitaries, recognizing those in the community with four big awards.

Featured speaker Chris Spielman gave a heart touching speech about his personal journey through his late wife's battle with cancer.

"If you can inspire other people that have challenges it's not just a cancer fight, it's to help people know that they have opportunities before them all they have to do is open their eyes and see it, take advantage of it," he said.

"People are coming out to hear his story both his football story, his personal story and how he's dealt with a tragedy, but it's also a celebration of community," says Charlotte Keim, Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.

Four big awards were given out.

William Charles Schob was honored as the Gabe Zide Citizen of the Year.

George Broughton was honored as the 2014 business leader of the year.

Charles and Mary Campbell, the Washington County Council of Cooperatives Agriculture of the Year.

And the Zonta Woman of the Year went to Candy Waite

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