Marietta Area Transmission Improvement Project

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Local power companies are upgrading.

Storms throughout the Valley are leaving too many people out of power for too long.

Reaching an agreement, AEP Ohio is joining together with Buckeye Power and Washington Electric Cooperative to help their customers.

Officials say it was the derecho which got this whole idea going.

The storm stressed the system and left customers without power for weeks.

They made the decision that something needs to be done.

So new poles, new lines and right of ways in the Washington County area are to go up throughout the next eight years.

Going from an old system to a new upgraded brand new system, helping reduce outages in numbers with storms and increase reliability over all.

This project is focusing on the rural parts of the county and those who are part of the co-op with Washington Electric Cooperative.

The Marietta Area Transmission Improvement Project is a $110 million investment in southeastern Ohio from AEP.

Officials say this should not increase the cost to customers.

Construction is scheduled to begin this fall and run through 2022.

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