Marietta Armory Receives Donation

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The Marietta Armory is getting closer to it's goal today, with many thanks today to one man.

The Marietta Armory presented Jack Haessly with a plaque this morning for his generous donation to the building.

His donation will go towards phase three of the reconstruction of the armory.

Phase three will be the public service of the ground floor with electricity, finished bathrooms and offices.

"I look at the armory with great pride. There was several years there where I and others were concerned the armory might not always be here. Having a small part with many others and seeing it live on has been a real treat for me," said Jack Haessly, President of Haessly Hardwood Lumber Company.

The armory board says they do not want to release the amount Haessly donated to the project.

They need a total of $63,000 to begin phase three and they currently have $44,000. The armory board say they hope to start construction in the spring.

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