Marietta Building Receives Grant

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The building has been abandoned for years. Now it might get a second chance.

The former Remington Rand-Kardex Industrial site at 910 Greene Street in Marietta has received a grant from Clean Ohio's Assistance Fund.

Thea Walsh with Office of Redevelopment and Jobs Ohio says they look for property's like this one which seems unuseable and has the potential to be hazordous to community and turn it around.

Walsh says this piece of property quailified for the $200,000 grant because the end result and goal is to bring jobs to the area and be of use to the community again.

"It was then handed over to us to see if it was eligible for this environmental contamination program. We were able to make the determination this was a good investment for the state," said Walsh.

Now the process starts at the local level. Walsh says the grant will last for two years.

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