Marietta CSX Detours

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The morning commute in Marietta today, might have taken longer than expected.

"And it's just been chaos. It's just been total chaos this morning," said Harmar resident Randy Nolan.

Monday morning is the first of three days, when CSX railroad is fixing the Route 7 side of the Washington Street bridge.

Nolan says Monday morning was pretty crazy.

"This morning we were sitting out here and the traffic was all the way backed up, to there, all the way to the red light here. There was a semi truck coming over here, it came around the knocked one of the detour signs down," said Nolan.

Over the Putnam Street bridge to the left, Gilman Avenue is also blocked off to traffic.

"They picked the wrong time of year to do this I'd say and they got the Putnam Street bridge there, marked off where you can't make a right hand turn, down towards Maple Street there, and there is nothing even going on there so," said Nolan.

Marietta City Engineer Joe Tucker says they closed that road because in the past it has helped with detour traffic.

"But that intersection, the intersection of Gilman and Putnam, is simplified by closing that leg of Gilman, it also helps because there is a signal there, allows more time for the traffic to get through, heavier detour traffic," said Tucker.

Tucker says it is only three days and people need to follow the proper detours.

"The local detour, is for local traffic only. I think we may have some traffic that is going through there that is use to traveling that direction and maybe is not local traffic," he said.

Tucker says if you are not local traffic, the police will take notice.

"I will emphasize, that our police department is going to be checking and stopping vehicles and if they are truly through traffic, trucks and things like that, there is a good potential they will be ticketed," said Tucker.

ODOT's detour send people to Interstate 77, US 50 West, and then back onto Route 7.

Tucker says Monday morning was an adjustment period for traffic.

"It's the first morning of the detour so, I think people will understand and adjust pretty quickly, but usually the first morning people are use to driving, the way they are use to driving, sometimes it takes a little bit to adjust to that," he said.

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