Marietta Cemeteries Coming Alive

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Three historic cemeteries in Marietta need some fixing up.

Tuesday morning members of Marietta Cemeteries Coming Alive met at Oak Grove Cemetery to discuss plans for Make a Difference Day and future projects.

Roger Kalter with Marietta Cemeteries Coming Alive says the 55 acres of land and tombstones are in great need of repair

"We have lots of erosion, a lot of the hand built drainage systems that was put in 100 to 150 years ago that is simply filled in with silt now," Kalter says. "So what we are trying to do here on Saturday, October 26th - Make a Difference Day - we want to build one of the brick drains the way they built them 150 years ago."

The group will also soon be working on a section of the cemetery where it has started to sink because the soil is washed out below.

Kalter says these cemeteries just need community support and volunteer time to help them look like they should for historic Marietta.

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