UPDATE: Marietta City Hall Renovations Start Ahead of Schedule

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UPDATE 12/26/2013 4:10 PM

Marietta City Hall renovations are well under way.

They're already a week ahead of schedule.

General Contractor Grae-Con Construction with a whole team of subcontractors have started the demolition work to the inside of city hall.

The police dispatch area and offices on the first floor plus the whole second floor are phase one of the project.

The city engineer says things are going very well so far, greatly improving the building and still keeping its historic look and structure.

"One of the drivers for this building is to make the building more ADA compliant. And to meet all the current requirements," says City Engineer Joe Tucker. "The building was constructed in 36, 1936, so it just needs a lot of work and upgrades to bring it up to current standards."

Phase one will be complete some time in April 2014, then a seven day move in period before phase two starts work in the mayor's area of the building.

Phase two should be done in August of 2014.

Tucker asks that people are patient during construction as it may be inconvenient at times but will be worth it in the end.

UPDATE 12/11/2013 10:05 AM

One step closer to the beginning of phase two for the Marietta City Hall renovation project.

Tuesday night the finance committee awarded the building contract to Grae-Con Construction after receiving bids earlier this month.

Phase one of the project included a new roof for city hall.

Since being built in 1936, city hall has had no major renovations.

Phase two is going to be a substantial and complete renovation including new walls, flooring, insulation and lighting.

"It includes knocking down a lot of the non load bearing walls and rearranging the space such that the offices and the people that are going to be in there optimize that for best working conditions," says city engineer Joe Tucker.

With the completion of the project Tucker also hopes to move the famous Marietta murals out of the Campus Martius Museum back into city hall.

UPDATE 12/6/2013 4:30 PM

Three bids for Marietta City Hall's renovation were submitted and opened Friday.

Bids were due at 11 Friday morning.

Safety Service Director Jonathan Hupp unsealed the bids from Grae-Con Construction, Kinsale Corporation and Wolf Creek Contracting Company.

Marietta City Engineer Joe Tucker says he's pleased with the bids, coming from three solid companies.

Tucker says at the December 10th meeting, they'll be presenting recommendations to city council.

He says the project's start date is December 27th.

Marietta City Hall's roof has been under construction but that is just the beginning. There's much more to come, for a whole new city hall.

By the end of the year the whole building will start to be remodeled.

Marietta City officials met with Pickering Associates for a 90 percent design review meeting Thursday afternoon.

Marietta City Engineer Joe Tucker says they are working on a tight schedule to soon be able to put bids out for the renovation of city hall by the end of October.

"The basement, the first floor and the second floor will all be updated, renovated. Of course one of the primary drivers is that we want to make the building completely ADA compliant," said Tucker.

The fire department will primarily stay as is however, it be getting a new conference, training room and a storage room.

Tucker says construction is scheduled to start before the end of December.

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