Update: Marietta City Hall Roof Construction

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Tuesday August 27th

The Marietta City Hall roof construction project with Buxton roofing company, has had it's ups and downs this summer.

"By no means has mother nature been not been anywhere near on our side throughout the duration of the process. It's been a very uncharacteristic summer, where not only has there been a lot of rain but there has been a lot of rain at once," said Ross Kaller, Buxton Roofing Field Superintendent.

Through the process, rain water flooded the Marietta Police Dispatch Center and stairwells. The company came down to Marietta to apoligize and figure out a plan so it wouldn't happen again.

"So far things have been going well, I know the people of Marietta had been happy with the changes, they are happy with our crew and our plan and what we've done," said Kaller.

Then again, just weeks later, it flooded in the Marietta Fire Department.

"Outside of the weeks in the fire department kitchen, no other issues," said Kaller.

In the Marietta Fire Departments kitchen heavy rains distroyed the ceilng and most of the kitchen itself, as well as its still leaking in their sleeping quarters. Now firemen say, they live here 24 hours a day and they realize with construction that mistakes may happen however, they would like to see some progress in fixing these leaks and starting repairs.

"We would like to see progress being made. We would like to see the roofers. We understand it is an government job, it's a government contract and it moves at a snails pase but we don't live like this in our homes. We would like to see some work being done, we haven't seen the roofers, we dont' know what the status is. Our enginners office has been communitcating with us the best as they can, but we haven't seen the roofers for a couple of days and with the prediction of rain coming we are looking forward to staying up tonight and cleaning up more water damage," said Jack Walters, Marietta Fire Fighter.

Walters says leaks in the bedrooms are hindering their ability to respond to calls as well.

"Our bedroom area is important. We now have beds slid right next to each other. You have to move your things around and in the middle of the night, where the bedroom is normally, you know where everything is, and if you get a call in the middle of the night and try to respond to it, your banging into beds and you can hear guys discussing that as they are leaving," said Walters.

Buxton roofing says even with the set backs they are on schedule, with only three or four more days of work.

Project Foreman, Art Signs says by Friday they should be done if everything goes as planned. They will only have little things to fix after that.

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