Marietta College Freshman Move in Day

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Welcoming the class of 2017, an exciting day and upcoming orientation weekend for Marietta College.

It's freshman move in day.

The Marietta College new freshman class arrived on campus today.

Before heading to their dorms, they went to the Gathering Place for, Pioneer Connection Day.

Each student checked in with all the offices to make sure they are cleared and also, to see what they can get involved with on campus.

"I think so far so good, they are going to be a good class. They seemed really excited, even at 7:30 this morning when they started to come in here so, very excited to see what they can bring to Marietta College," said Director of Retention and Student Engagement, Ellen Campbell.

"I think they look pretty good, they are really enthusiastic. There is a lot of new faces and I'm excited to get this year going," said Orientation Leader, George Bloomfield.

The admissions office says there are just under 400 students from all over the country in this incoming class.

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