Marietta College Holds Activities In Honor Of MLK, Jr. Day

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Monday and all week on the Marietta College campus many activities are celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr and civil rights.

At noon Monday students and staff enjoyed a lecture plus brown bag lunch while discussing the basics of civil rights in the U.S. with the video "Children's March" by Teaching Tolerance.

And all day students could go to the office of civic engagement to watch three different speeches from three major civil rights activists - Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and Susan B. Anthony.

"I think the importance of holding up Dr. King is about being inspired, about being reminded of history but also about being motivated to take action. I think a lot of the events this week, what we are trying to focus on is, there was this amazing leader and amazing legacy and here's how we are going to carry it forward today," said Maribeth Saleem-Tanner, Director of Civic Engagement at Marietta College.

Activities continue throughout the week.

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