Marietta College Students Celebrate MLK Day

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In honor or Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Marietta College held their own celebrations. Students learned about struggles faced by people even today.

Derreck Kayongo was the keynote speaker for the college's event Monday evening.

He's a former child refugee who now works as an Advocacy Coordinator for the CARE International Relief Organization.

Monday, he spoke to students about his struggle to get to America and the true meaning of freedom.

"The fact that I'm here as a former refugee from Uganda, allowed and afforded the wonderful like of being an American now, it goes to show that America is still functioning the way that our forefathers intended it to function. There's hope in doing good and staying true to your education and to come and give us the right product which is the beauty of your education."

The event was a sellout with nearly 100 students of all ages and races attending.

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