Marietta College, WSCC Receive Money From Ohio Governor

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Marietta College and Washington State Community College receive almost $120,000 from Governor John Kasich to expand outreach to businesses and students in rural Ohio.

Hilles Hughes, Marietta College's director of Career Services, says it's called the Ohio Means Internships and Co-Ops Grant.

A partnership between Marietta College and Washington State.

This grant will give the schools an opportunity to build more relationships with employers in the area in a lot of different industries where the students can play a lot of different roles.

“It's really a win-win, all of our students who are trying to get workforce ready and market themselves in this competitive world,” says Hilles Hughes, director of career services at Marietta College. “So, I'm really excited about it; I know Brenda Cornmiller, who's the other person I'm working with at Washington State is very excited about it as well.”

Hughes says they are in the process of hiring someone to help run the program.

The part-time internship coordinator will be responsible for providing career-related internship services to current students, faculty and employers.

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