Marietta Considers Paid Parking

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Not so free parking could make a comeback in Marietta.

Safety Service Director Jonathan Hupp says parking has always been an issue.

Back in 2008 the city did away with meters and almost all paid parking spots around town.

Now the city wants to bring back paid parking spots in certain places to help fund the maintenance of those lots and get people off the street.

"To try and get more folks into the resturants and off the streets and into the parking stalls," says Hupp. "Because the adminstration, the council members always get phone calls that business owners or their employees are parked on the streets all day long and other businesses are wanting those spaces for potential customers."

Right now most of the lots go unchecked throughout the city.

Passes would be $25 a month and allow your spot to be untouched Monday through Friday 8 to 5 and Saturday 8 to 12 Sunday.

This is still in the works.

If council approves it the changes go into effect January 2014.

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