UPDATE: Progress at Marietta Fire Department

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UPDATE 11/7/2013 4:35 PM

Roof projects can be horrific, but Marietta City Hall is finally on the right track.

Following major leaking in the police and fire departments this past summer, now there's finally progress.

The fire department kitchen is back up and running.

The kitchen is renovated and repaired, making it useable again for the firefighters.

Chief C.W. Durham says there are minor cosmetic issues that still need fixing which are already being looked at.

The next step for the fire department in the city hall renovations is a new training room.

Marietta's Engineering Department says the first bid advertisement for the city hall renovation project goes out Friday.

By the end of the year the whole building will start to be remodeled.
The emergency phone lines are back up and working at the Marietta Fire Department.

The department says because of storm damage and flooding in the department the phone lines were down almost all day Tuesday while AT&T fixed the problem.

Around 12:00 A.M. Tuesday morning, fire fighters found water pouring in the the kitchen on the second floor on the Marietta Fire Department.

The water flooded the kitchen, ruined the ceiling and everything had to be moved out into the classroom.

The department spent all night and morning cleaning up the mess.
The waters also flooded some offices downstairs and leaked into their sleeping quarters.

Chief C.W. Durham says an estimated 50-75 gallons of water and debris were picked up from the mess.

The department says the city engineer checked the roof this morning and can't pin point the cause of the leak.

"At this time we do not know what the reason for the flooding was through the roof, we are not even sure what part of the roof even leaked. Our engineering department has been up on the roof and at this time they haven't been able to find a reason for why the roof leaked," said Marietta Fire Chief C.W. Durham.

Chief says inspections for mold, lead and asbestos have to occur before repairs are made. In total the repairs to the kitchen could take weeks.

Chief Durham says they are not sure about any direct connection between the phone lines and the water. They are just both a result of the storm Monday night.

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