Marietta Fire Truck Installs Foam System

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It's an improved way to fight fires and the Marietta Fire Department now has it installed.

Monday morning, the Marietta fire fighters gathered for training of the new retrofitted fire truck with a Class A and B Foam System.

Chief C.W. Durham says with this foam, when fighting a fire, it helps lead to less water use, water damage, and time the fire fighters have to be in the actual structure.

The department will eventually have one truck equipped at each station in Marietta, as well as the tower truck on third street.

"Yes, this is huge, not only for the city as a whole because of the better ability to put out fires more quickly, because with less collateral damage with water but also for the fire fighters safety. This allows them to be in the structure less time, less heat exhaustion, less risk of building collapse due to the extra water in the buildings," said Chief C.W. Durham, Marietta Fire Department.

Chief Durham says, they have been working on this for a while and funding comes from the 2012 Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant.

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