UPDATE: Firefighters Donate to Strecker Cancer Center

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UPDATE 11/08/2013 4:50 PM

Throughout October Marietta Firefighters sported pink shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What many may not have known is they also sold similar shirts and donated the money to the Strecker Cancer Center.

Friday morning a check for $1,300 was presented by firefighters Larry Bargeloh and Eric Moore.

The money will go towards an emergency fund Strecker has for patients and the center is very grateful for the firefighters' support.

"It greatly helps our patients because people don't realize the extra expenses that they have in addition to just their cancer treatments," says Ginny Olff, social worker at the Strecker Cancer Center.

Firefighter Bargeloh says there was such demand that at the last minute they sold around 200 shirts and hope to expand their support and awareness even more next year. ____________________________________________________
UPDATE 10/4/2013 10:41 AM

Over the past couple of days we've been telling you about the firefighters supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Although for Betty Bargeloh, wife of a Marietta firefighter, it's not just about the t-shirts.

Betty was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2006.

For a year she struggled - from the first day she found the lump to the end of November, when the doctors told her she was cancer free.

Betty says if it wasn't for the community, her church family and the support of her husband Larry and kids, things may have had a different outcome.

She says the support and awareness this month is amazing.

Seeing the firefighters in their shirts helps her remember, share her story with others and be thankful.

"It's not something that is forgotten, it's not just something like, oh that's breast cancer...nobody thinks about it," she says. "I think it's something that's out there, people see that, they recognize it...there is strength and there is hope"

Breast cancer expert Kim Dye with Strecker Cancer Center in Marietta says Washington County has one of the highest instances of breast cancer in the surrounding area.

She says women need to remember to be proactive, do self breast exams and don't be afraid to go to the doctor.

You usually see them dress up in blue or all decked out in fire gear, but this month it's the color pink.

The Marietta Fire Department in conjunction with the Marietta Firefighters Local 442 Union got together and decided to sport pink shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

All of October, the firefighters will be showing their support to friends, family and everyone else out there who has been affected by breast cancer.

"We actually have several members that have been affected by cancer even as of recently, so we just want to make sure to get word out to the public, and hopefully the awareness level is raised enough, maybe we can save some lives in the process," says Marietta Fire Chief C.W. Durham

Chief Durham says all the firefighters are on board and very excited to sport the pink for a great cause.

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