Marietta Firefighters Train For Confined Spaces

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Caught in a confined space.

Marietta firefighters take hands-on, lifesaving training.

Multiple scenarios and classroom training.

Practicing to keep our community safe in case of emergency.

It was quite the scene Monday, as it looked like the fire department was on fire.

It was all for practice and refresher training.

The hallway was set up for confined space training, pitch black and the guys had to crawl through a tube.

One firefighter acted as a live victim, stuck in a tight space.

Two others hooked up, oxygen masks, harnesses and all.

"The best thing to do if you see someone in a space, if it's a small space and it looks like you can reach in and get them, is to call for help because a lot of times the victims will be people that are trying to assist them out of the space," said Chief C.W. Durham, Marietta Fire Department.

With those that feel claustrophobic the situation can get even more dangerous.

So remember to stay calm and call 911.

The department then went up to Jackson Park to practice some more, this time in an old water shaft.

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