Marietta College Surpasses Fund Goal

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Even with the tough economy, giving to Marietta College is still on the top of the list for many alumni.

The Marietta Fund surpassed it's goal this year of raising $1.7 Million.

President Joesph Bruno says he is over whelmed with gratitude.

Bruno says this shows how great a college and community Marietta really is, as the alumni and students keep giving back, year after year.

With this being his first year at Marietta, Bruno says it has truly set the bar high.

This year breaks the record for the total amount raised.

"Yes it's fabulous, this is a way we engage our alumni and donors to support the college. We set a fairly aggressive target and worked very hard. To hit that target, it's a big mile stone for us," said Marietta College President Joesph Bruno.

Bruno says this will help Marietta College greatly in the coming year. He is very thankful for everyone that helped make this happen.

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