Marietta Gas Line Replacement Continues

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Gas line work across Marietta has many wondering what's that problem.

It's all being done by Dominion East Ohio Gas Company and they're basically updating the gas pipes to be safe and more efficient for the customer.

"We generally have maintained a safe reliable system this is just a matter of improving our safety and reliability of our pipeline, this is something, just general maintance over years. Pipelines can only last so long and we also comply with all the federal and state inspectory requirements," explains Senior Communications Specialist, Neil Durbin.

It's a four billion dollar project.

"In 2012, our projects will have replaced nearly 49,000 feet of pipeline. Primarily we are replacing old, uncovered, or bare steeled pipeline, those are the pipelines that are most at risk of erosion. We are replacing them primarily with plastic pipe which basically does not erode and it provides a more long lasting, more safe and reliable system."

The project started in has been going on for about three years now and it is scheduled to continue through 2013 but Dominion says it's something people can expect for the next 20 years.

"We have some pipeline in our system that goes back to the company's founding in 1898. A lot of this pipe was installed part in the 1960s and 70s back before pipes came from the factory with a regular coating."

Dominion says anything they tear apart they will fix to be as it was.

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