Marietta Humane Society Needs Your Help

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They are so full, there is no room for anymore animals

The Marietta Humane Society needs your help.

With two cases of animal cruelty in the past two weeks, the place is full. They currently have 60 dogs, as well as 60 cats and kittens.

Supervisor Mary Buck says they are pleading with people to come foster or adopt these animals.

Buck says fostering is great for the animals and supplies them with a loving home. As a foster, the humane society covers all vet bills if necessary.

"We do, we will have to put them down and I don't want to see that happen cause you fall in love with them, you do. This is not an easy job at all, I love what I do, all I am is just begging for people to come in, try to fill out a foster application, try to adopt for us, just help us try and get these guys homes," said Mary Buck, Marietta Humane Society Supervisor.

From one of the houses, they also have rabbits and baby bunnies that are in need of a foster home.

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