Marietta Hydrant Flushing

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The City of Marietta Fire Department will start flushing hydrants in the lower Harmar area starting Thursday, July 24th at 8 a.m.

Flushing will continue as time permits and will follow the schedule below during the remainder of this month until this area is completed:

Section 1 Area: (First to be flushed)
From Putnam Avenue this will include all streets heading towards the Ohio River. Streets included are: Harmar Street, Franklin Street, Crawford Street, Fort Street, Maple Street, Market Street, Clinton Street, Lord Street, Barber Street, Fearing Street, Ward Street, Virginia Street, Gilman Street, and Browns Alley.

Section 2 Area:
From Putnam Avenue heading towards and including Westview Avenue on Gilman Street. This also includes the lower section of Lancaster Street, New Street, and Wood Street.

Flushing of the city’s fire hydrants is necessary to purge the water mains of accumulated mineral deposits that have built up.

It also provides information such as flow rates to fight fires and maintenance problems that the city might not be aware of.

It will take a while to flush all the hydrants in the system.

After the above section outlined is completed, crews will move on to the next part of the system and notify customers in advance in this same manner.

The public is advised to pay attention while driving in the area being flushed for water on the roadway.

Customers should watch for discolored water.

After flushing is completed, customers who are experiencing brown or milky water are asked to flush their cold water lines to flush the service line from the main to their point of use in home or business.

If problems persist, call the Water Treatment Plant as soon as possible at 374-6864 for further assistance.

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