UPDATE: Committee Votes To Move Forward With Intersection Project

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UPDATE: 2/19/2013 5:15 PM

The Streets and Transportation Committee of Marietta City Council voted Tuesday on the status of a major construction project.

They voted five to three to move the project forward.

The project would change the intersection layout at Greene, Pike, and 7th Streets.

The vote follows many open meetings where people in the community voiced their opinions on the project.

City Engineer, Joe Tucker says overall the project will make the intersection safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

The total project is three million dollars, but only about 400 thousand of that will come from local taxpayers.

"The project has been studied and obviously the agencies such as ODOT and WWW believe this project will result in a safer intersection with less congestion and also safer for pedestrians."

The next step is creating a final design proposal to be approved by ODOT. Then that proposal will be brought back to City Council for a final vote.

For more on the intersection project, including funding breakdowns and suggested timelines, keep reading below.

UPDATE: 12/ 11/12

A meeting to vote on the Greene, Pike, 7th Street intersection possible change in Marietta has been rescheduled.

The meeting is set for Wednesday December 12 at 6 pm. It is happening at Washington State Community College in the Graham Auditorium (2nd floor of Arts & Sciences Building).

This is an open meeting where the community is welcome to sit and listen to the debate or have their voice heard by the council.

UPDATE: 11/29/12

A meeting and vote on a Marietta Intersection scheduled for Wednesday night November 29 has been cancelled.

City engineer, Joe Tucker, says they're still preparing details before the final vote.

He says the meeting and vote will be rescheduled, most likely for a couple weeks.

An over three million dollar project sits at the table of Marietta City Council's streets and transportation committee.
Now, they consider plans to update the intersection of Seventh, Pike, and Greene Street.

"To reduce congestion, to improve safety, to try and accommodate the pedestrian needs," explains the City Engineer and virtually the man over seeing all the options, Joe Tucker.

He says the intersection is even getting state wide attention ranking as one of the worst. "Letters E and F are considered unacceptable, we are currently at Level Service E at that intersection."

After three years of planning and debating each option, the City's Engineering Department presents the committee with a plan.

"Before City Council gives a sealed approval it's just critical that people do have a chance to look at this," explains Council and committee member, Roger Kalter.

Tucker says the traffic has been increasing for years. He explains there are approximately 41,900 vehicles daily go through the traffic light on State Route 7, with around 30,800 traveling on Greene Street.
The Engineering Department says they're designing the project for 2033 which they expect to have Greene Street increase to 35,800.

So Tucker, along with other, presents a plan to help improve safety but it comes with changes.

So the plan reads:
Dual left turning lanes from Route 7 onto Seventh Street.
Dual left lanes from Seventh Street onto Route 7.
The traffic light at Seventh and Greene would be eliminated.
There would be no left turn onto Greene Street and no left turn off of Greene Street.
There would be signalized pedestrian crosswalks

"You know everyone involved says, this is not perfect but we're probably not going to get to perfect because perfect really doesn't exist when you're doing these things," says Kalter

Decisions on this plan will be made Thursday, November 29 at 5 p.m. It is an open meeting allowing the community to come and give an opinion or listen in.

For more, you can also visit: http://www.pikegreene7th.com/index.html

Tucker says another dangerous intersection, the Pike, Acme, and Jefferson Intersection will be having a two million dollar upgrade.

If plan is approved here's how it would break down...
2.4 million coming from ODOT and over $500,000 from the Wood, Washington, Wirt Interstate Planning Commission.
The city would match just under $400,000.
Totaling for a 3.26 million dollar project.
Tucker does say the city money would be pulled from a few different funds so those in the city will not be paying any more for it.

A time line if passed:
Authorization to proceed by Jan. 14, 2013
The contract would be awarded by December 2014
Construction would begin around the first of April 2015, with completion projected for for mid November 2015

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